Ideas Brewing

To be considered for our next event

  • Choir, singing
  • Theatre sports
  • Music in the action
  • Entering when there are cliques
  • Managing spaces to belong / inclusion
  • More relevant to the people
  • Psychodrama brought to many
  • Playback theatre – Out of the box  group.
  • Spontaneous theatre
  • Psychodrama alongside Indigenous people
  • Quilt making as a group
  • Fire pit with stories

Ideas for NSW/ACT events in 2024 from the 2023 end of year celebration

Astrid: Book “The Survivor Personality” as a resource for PD

Andrew P: Ventriloquist – puppets in Psychodrama.


Penny B: Art studio

Mark-making, mixed media

Mask making

Hala: Psychodrama comedy night

Using Psychodrama to make comedy skits

Andrew P: “The Living Newspaper”

Dramatise the news / improv

Maureen: Book drama – dramatise character roles

Bibliodrama – father, mother, son and brother who came back

Penny B: Book “What to say when you don’t know what to say” by Davina Bell

Set a scene based on the book / improv structure

Andrew P: Tony Robbins; lover, clown, warrior, wanderer, orphan, magician, ..

Explore the relationships between the 9 archetypes

Your life in archetypes

Lynley: Playback theatre

Spontaneity games