The newly formed committee is built on the strong foundation of the past and is focused on creating relevant and rich events to meet the needs of the psychodrama community of NSW and the ACT.

The NSW/ACT Region operates under the umbrella body of AANZPA.


The Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA) is the parent body under which the Regional organisations operate.


The purpose of AANZPA is to promote spontaneity in the Members of the Association and through them the spontaneity, creativity and co-creation of progressive relationships that strengthen the health and well-being of society in Australia and Aotearoa   New Zealand and in our relationships with those in other countries.


First established in 1980, AANZPA now has about 90 Ordinary and Distinguished members who are Certificated Psychodramatist, Sociodramatists, Sociometrists or Role-Trainers. 25 of these members are further certificated as Trainer, Educator and Practitioners (TEPs) or Educator Practitioners. A further 200 members are Associate Members. Members are mainly from Australia or Aotearoa   New Zealand, with some in Japan, USA, UK or Europe

AANZPA is as an incorporated not-for-profit association in South Australia and in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Organisational Membership